CatCon Year 4!

We just participated in CatCon for the 4th year!

We LOVE this event! It is a chance to be with our peeps – other cat lovers as well as see all the newest products created for cats and cat lovers!

One of my favorite things about CatCon is seeing what our fellow catlovers are wearing! These are what we think are the best t-shirts our fellow cat lovers were wearing.

Then of course there is the best cat temporary tattoo… funny it says cats rule! Join our newsletter list and email us at we will send you the temporary tattoo shown here.

And how about this great car sticker… look familiar?  The sticker is available on amazon!

All these shirts and the sticker are available online, mostly through amazon.


We’re about to expand our collection of cats rule t-shirts which will be available at Make sure you join our mailing list so we can let you know when they are available.


Please share photos of your favorite cat lover t-shirts with us @catsruleonline on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Please remember to tell everyone where you found them!!!


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It’s so nice that there is a place for the cat lovers of the nation to come together to celebrate our love for CATS!

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