I love a cocktail at the close of a day (especially these days of challenging newsfeeds) and my drinking buddies are my cats!!!  I create a ritual that involves creative cocktail making  for me… and of course I try and make a concoction for the kitties (no alcohol included)!!!

Here’s what I’m drinking right now. I call it The Green Panther.  I  grow lots of fruits and vegetables  so it tends to influence my cocktail choices. All summer I've been super into cucumbers. They are so refreshing and delicious. I grow Japanese cucumbers - they are extra tasty and crispy and not too seedy - but pickling or kirby cucumbers work great too.  I make different versions of this drink depending upon my mood and how cucumber-y I want to be. Today's is a straightforward mix of delicious ingredients, topped with a slice of fresh cucumber.

I use a tall glass because I like and use lots of ice but I just  saw  that catladybox.com is offering these great  cocktail glasses. I am going to have to order them!!!


Now for the recipe for the The Green Panther:

 Pour 2 oz Effen Cucumber Vodka

Author’s note: My VERY favorite cucumber vodka is Effen Cucumber Vodka, made in Holland. It is extremely smooth. It has a great cucumber nose which is apparently boosted by just a hint of vanilla. But it isn’t sweet – it is just super refreshing and super cucumbery. I’ve tried everyone on the market. There are others I like; some I don’t like. But the Effen is clear and away my favorite.

 Fill the balance of the glass with  DRY brand Cucumber Soda; or a mix of DRY and Mr. Q Cumber soda - half and half mix. Again I’ve tried many different ones but these are delicious and my favorites. And the drink will not be too sweet.



Top with a slice of cucumber if you have one; and for a twist a splash of lime juice or a sprig of mint.


It is yummy even if I do say so myself.




And today’s cocktail for the kitties? I’m whipping up some chicken juice. My recipe for chicken juice is 1 part jar of chicken baby food; 2 parts same jar with purified water. Trust me, they LOVE their juice – almost as much as I love my cucumber cocktail! And it has  nutritional value while it gets them drinking more water! It’s great for keeping them hydrated!





James Bond of kitties!



Sounds absolutely delicious!!
I may hit the Farmer’s Market and get some cucumbers so I can make this!!

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