My Cats Are on Cloud Nine!!!


My Cats Are Delirious!!! I found Cloud Nine by Dezi & Roo ( alongwith a few other of their great toys. I wrote to them to tell them how much my cats all loved them! That's when I met their  creative founder, feline veterinarian Dr. Lynn Bahr. She is a major advocate for promoting health and happiness for indoor cats. The key? Better toys and activities that stimulate all their natural instincts for hunting, chasing, playing. 

Now I’m a confessed cat toy addict. So I ordered some wiggly balls and Cloud Nine with its signature cloud pillow. The funniest thing was I opened the box and two minutes later, the cloud was gone. It took me an hour to find it. Sophie went crazy for it before it even had any Cloud Nine applied to it. Dr. Bahr says it is made of a special material that cats love. She’s absolutely right.


I’m thrilled to announce we’re now selling Cloud Nine too, along with a few other great toys designed and made by Dezi & Roo ( 


 So now for my Cloud Nine report. Most of my cats love catnip. But a few are so-so. Dr. Bahr says Silver Vine appeals to virtually ALL cats because it has 2 cat attractants where catnip has just 1!!! Well, she’s right. Cloud Nine is like a catnip high on steroids. And a little goes a long way!!!


We’re excited to be selling deziroo’s wiggly balls and Cloud Nine Silver Vine at



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