No More LItter in Bed!

How many times have you gotten in between the sheets only to find cat litter??? We all love sharing our beds with our cats… we just wish that they wouldn’t drag the cat litter with them!

Then there’s the time you walk barefoot through the bathroom. There it is again. Cat litter. Even the littlest kitties scatter litter when they are coming out of the box!!!!

 The best way to eliminate litter scatter is using a good litter mat! Preferable one mat per box, although some are large enough to put two boxes on them.

 If you don’t have a litter mat that surrounds your box; or the mat you are using is an old piece of carpet or towel or some other kind of cast-off, you are probably constantly walking on, and sweeping up litter.

 A good litter mat should 1) completely surround your litter box so that no matter which way your cat decides to go after leaving the box, she walks on the mat 2) be made of a material that is comfortable and soft and cushiony on your cat’s paws 3) be durable and easy to clean 4) be machine washable even if you can’t put it into the machine to dry. And we have to add 5) be good looking – like the rest of the floor mats and/or rugs you use in your house!

How does one select the right litter mat? Similar to evaluating the right litter box for your cat, choosing the right mat comes down to 1) where you have your box 2) the space around your box 3) the type of litter you use 4) your preferences for material, function and style.

Millions of cat owners use our Perfect Litter Mat. We invented it in 2002.  We found a material that was a ribbed version of yoga mat foam. We loved the feel of the material (soft, cushioned) and knew the ribs would work to open up your cat’s paws so litter would drop out – and the ribbing would actually capture the litter in between the ribs!  

They are one of the best value litter mats out there as well. They are larger than anything out there and half the price of comparable size mats!  

Based upon customer requests from those who live in apartments or keep their litter boxes in smaller spaces, we introduced our Small Space (ribbed foam) best litter mat in 2005. We sell over 8 patterns and sell tons of the


In 2013, we developed a new litter mat. We understand from our customers  that there was a desire for a fabric  litter mat.  Oneof the downsides of plastic is that if your cat pees on it and you don’t catch it right away, the pee smell gets into the material and it is difficult to get it out.

 So I searched for a solution. It had to be fabric. It had to trap litter. It had to have a non-skid backing. It had to look and feel great. And I wanted it to be stain and moisture resistant – and machine washable and dryable. I anted this new mat to be a solution for owners whose cats (like one of mine) often pees or poops over the edge of the litter box. I knew I had to have something that would not retain pee odor and that could be cleaned easily.

 Microfiber was our answer. It feels like velvet. And our quality and grade of material has maximum pile which means the difference between the high and low of the texture so that they are better at litter tracking. Do try our Amazing Microfiber Litter Mat!!!


The last choice of litter mat from Cats Rule and our latest innovation is the 2-Layer Pocketed Litter Capture Mat. The mat is made of eco-friendly EVA foam. It has a top and bottom layer that are sewn together to form a pocket. Litter falls through the top layer into the pocket. So you don't see litter scatter and when you are ready to clean up the area you just lift up the mat, open the pocket and pour it right back into the box. This mat is easy to keep clean. We hear from many customers they absolutely love it!




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