Please Help Rebuild #SpayBay in Panama City!


Panama City pet community lost their only low-cost clinic, #SpayBay. during Hurricane Michael.

We need to help them rebuild!

If you can help us, go to and make a donation to help them rebuild!



Their mobile neuter van was flipped upside down, and the neighborhood looks like a war zone. The clinic is closed, and the 18 member staff laid off until there are enough funds to get the clinic operational. All of the area shelters were damaged. 

In honor of Black Cat Awareness Month , Lily and Lunz, Mango Brown and all those who actively want to make a difference in the lives of cats, this GoFundMe is a Black Cats Tell All initiative to help get this clinic back up and running.

AGAIN if you can, please go to and make a donation to help them rebuild!

We will send you our signature Cats Rule tote bag for FREE if you make a donation in any amount. Please email us to let us know you made your donation at








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