SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe

£9.00 £7.00 -22%
  • SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe
SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe


SALE! Small Space Mat - Caribbean Stripe

£9.00 £7.00 -22%


The best cat litter mat on the market that effectively traps cat litter and looks great too! Just in a smaller size with the unique shape of a cat head. Specially sized for owners in apartments or who place their cat litter boxes in closets or small areas.

We introduced the smaller size version of our best-selling litter catching mat in 2004 in response to customer requests. We have tons of happy customers. Both cats who like to walk on its soft, cushiony surface. And owners who see less litter on their floors and who find it easier keeping the area around the litter box clean.

Small Space Litter Box Mat

The secret’s in the ribs! The soft, cushiony ribbing, and channels between open, up your cat's paws to dislodge any cat litter.

Our small space kitty litter mats have a solid, non-skid clear backing to make sure no debris or moisture gets to your floor.

This super litter catching mat is made of yoga mat foam. It is plastic based and is free of the most harmful phthalates (passes California Prop 65 regulations).

This litter box mat is durable and will last over time – surface may show signs of wear if your cat likes to scratch the litter mat (some cats do) or you vacuum it vigorously. Note we recommend shaking to get rid of excess litter but if you like to use the vacuum make sure you are standing on the litter mat when you do it as the mat can get sucked into the vacuum, causing surface printing to fade

Cat litter mat measures 17in x 20in. 43.2cm x 50.8cm.

SPECIAL CAT-TIP: The Small Space Mat makes a great pet food mat too!

Care Instructions:

Wash in warm water and air dry OR if you prefer you can wash in the washer on a cool, gentle cycle ONLY using a mild pet-friendly detergent. Do not use bleach. Air dry – do not dry in the machine as it will damage the mat.

If your cat misses the box and pees on the mat immediately use a spot cleaner and trap all moisture. Spot clean with a mild pet-friendly cleanser and air dry. Note if the mat retains a pee smell, repeat. If you can, put the mat outside to air.