TROUBLESHOOTING if the water isn’t flowing well OR you think the pump isn’t working properly:

  •  First check that the pump lever is in the correct position: place the pump in your hand and check that the lever is placed at the + sign which is the position on the left of center and flush with the connector tube when holding the pump. When the lever is in the left/correct position it is immediately below the connector piece. (see photo)

  • Next make sure the connector piece is on the top of the pump; the connector piece makes the secure connection to the tube at the back of your frog or fish. (see photos)

  • Then make sure that the pump is installed in the correct position (QC sticker facing the front of the fountain), pressed firmly into the square holder in the bottom basin. (see photos)

  • Check that the pump is working properly before connecting fish or frog. Place the top basin on the bottom basin correctly and firmly after double checking the pump position –make sure the 4 tabs click into place. (see photo 1)  Make sure the filter is in place. Fill with water to the MAX line when starting and make sure water level is always filled to this MAX line.  Turn the fountain on.  You should see an active bubbling at the top basin. This means that the motor is in good working condition. (see photos 2 & 3 & video below)

  • After completing all the above, double check that the tube at the back of the frog or fish is inserted firmly and strongly into the hole (press from the back forward) in the top basin. You should hear a ‘snap’ as the frog or fish is placed into the top basin: the tube is inserted into the hole and the 2 pegs on the frog’s legs or fish body snap into the other 2 holes towards the front of the top basin. The frog and fish need to be firmly inserted into the top basin. (see photo 1)
  • If the connection isn’t solid, the water will dribble (see photo 2) instead of flow (see photo 3) and this will make you think the pump isn’t working.  You have already checked that the pump is working fine in the prior step.  We find that most often the frog or fish aren’t inserted properly so the connection isn’t a good one. (see video below)

  Improper Water Flow

  Proper Water Flow

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