The Drinking Buddy Automatic Watering Frog Fountain - Blue Basin

  • The Drinking Buddy Automatic Watering Frog Fountain - Blue Basin


The Drinking Buddy Automatic Watering Frog Fountain - Blue Basin



Now you can build your own fountain! Choose from the white base or the blue base... choose your buddy....

Cat Water Fountain

This great-looking indoor water fountain for cats provides a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water. And at a much lower price than other pet fountains on the market. It is simple and easy to operate and clean. It works automatically, better than cat water dispensers or pet water dispensers which work via gravity feed.

Cats love the sound and action of water flowing.  Research has shown that flowing water actually encourages cats to drink more, which is great for their health!  Especially good for cats who consume more dry food as they need more water

Water streams out of the frog's mouth.  It comes almost entirely assembled and is convenient, easy to use and easy to clean. There are just 4 main pieces: the frog; the top basin; the bottom basin and the pump.

This kitty water fountain comes with 2 active charcoal filters.  Each filter lasts 3 - 4 weeks depending upon the number of cats using the fountain. A brochure with complete operating and cleaning instructions comes with each fountain. Plus there are instructional videos on how to clean and how to troubleshoot on the website on the homepage and posted on You Tube.

This water fountain for cats is made of BPA free polypropylene. The frog is made of food-safe plastic resin. You can put the basin into the dishwasher on the top shelf, after removing the pump and the cord cover. We recommend you wash your buddy by hand. We also recommend that you use a brush, like our fountain brush, to clean the tube in your buddy.

Capacity is 1.2 quarts/1.14 liters of water.  The dimensions of the best cat drinking fountain are 10.5in long x 5.5in high x 8.75in wide. 26.7cm long x 14cm high x 22.2cm wide.

The kitty fountain is an electrical appliance and plugs into an outlet. 

Always keep the fountain filled to the maximum water level, make sure the frog is securely on the top of the bowl and always run it with a filter.  For dog lovers, this pet water fountain can also be used by small to medium sized dogs!!!!
Pet water fountain is not for outdoor use. 

Watch our set up video and troubleshooting guide if you have any issues.